How to Stop a Puppy from Jumping Up on People

Last updated on: Jan 28, 2024

By: Stephanie Dunne

Illustration of a dog jumping up on a person.

Learn to manage your puppy's natural behavior of jumping. This guide offers expert advice and training strategies.

Why Does My Puppy Jump Up On Me?

Puppies jump as a form of communication, to say hello at eye level.

This behavior can stem from excitement, seeking attention, or as a response to human behavior. Puppies, especially young ones, see any attention as a reward, even if it's negative. It's important to understand this and respond appropriately, not reinforcing the jumping.

Effective Management

To prevent unwanted jumping, manage the puppy's environment:

  • Use a leash in exciting situations like greeting guests.
  • Baby gates create controlled spaces for gradual introduction to new people.
  • Redirect energy with toys and treats to discourage jumping and encourage good behavior.

There are two main training techniques: Four on the Floor and Sitting for greeting.

Four on the Floor

Encourage keeping all four paws on the ground:

  • Start in a quiet area.
  • Reward for staying grounded.
  • Introduce distractions gradually, rewarding calm behavior.
  • If the puppy jumps, pause, then resume once they're calm.

Sit for Greetings

Teach 'sit' as a greeting, using treats and praise:

  • Begin in a familiar, quiet setting.
  • Reward immediately for sitting during greetings.
  • Gradually introduce more distractions.

Proactive Training

Practice these behaviors in controlled settings to simulate real-life situations.

Set up scenarios to practice these behaviors in controlled settings, simulating real-life situations. These sessions help reinforce the training techniques in a consistent way. Also they provide the puppy with a clear understanding of expected behavior in various situations.

Handling Encounters with Strangers

When outside, use cues or toys to keep your puppy's focus and prevent jumping.

Start in quieter areas, teaching them to sit or stay calm around strangers, rewarding good behavior. Slowly move to more complex environments, but don't rush.


Ensure everyone interacting with the puppy responds the same way to jumping.

Consistency and patience are essential. Training is a gradual process; with consistent reinforcement, your puppy will learn to stop jumping.

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